Promoting Innovation & Growth.

Designing, implementing and managing client cloud infrastructure using Amazon Web Services.

Migrate your core business operations to the cloud. Streamline your teams productivity without any physical constraints.

Get reliable support for your systems. We monitor, maintain & provide cloud security

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Cloud Migration

Migrate your core business operations to the cloud. Streamline your teams productivity without any physical constraints.

Cloud Performance

Receive consistent support as we build your applications and websites to increase your business productivity and operations.

Cloud Maintenance

Get reliable support for your aws cloud infrastructure. We monitor, maintain and provide cloud security.

Remote Desktop Support

Need help with your cloud environment or any other other cloud problem, we can connect to your computer remotely and fix it for you.

Web & App Development

Need a simple landing page, a complex e-commerce platform, or a mobile app, we can help you achieve your goals.

System Integrations

Build quality products iwth smooth synchronization with other solutions.

Whether you need to migrate your existing applications to the cloud, optimize your infrastructure for performance and cost, or develop new features using the latest AWS services, let us help you.

Service We Provide:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Serverless Computing
  • Database Management
  • Cloud Performance
  • Web & App Development
  • Cloud Phone System
  • Business Emails
  • Remote Desktop Support
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud Monitoring
  • Server Maintenance
  • Website Management
  • System Integrations
  • Cloud Migration

Processes that work

Taskew utilizes industry-best standards and guidelines to implement cloud solutions best practices, and we are confident that our approach will scale your applications in the cloud.
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Discovery & Goal Setting

Our proven process will help you identify your business's unique value proposition and define clear achievable goals for growth.

We've established an effective and straightforward, repeatable production process that enables us to successfully discover your business's unique value proposition and define clear achievable goals for growth.

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Design & Implementation

We've developed a streamlined process that ensures quality and consistency in all our projects. We use this process for every project because it's what makes us successful—and we want you to have the same success!

This process includes everything from designing to developing. We'll work with you every step of the way to make sure your project is a success.

Why Your Business Needs Cloud Solutions?
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Support & Training

We provide training and support for your new solution to ensure you and your team can get the most out of it.

Our team of experts will answer any questions you may have along the way. You're never alone with Taskew.

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AWS Global Infrastructure.

The most secure, extensive, and reliable Global Cloud Infrastructure.

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Customer Testimonails

JR Ryder

Taskew is consistent with providing quality services by resolving issues in an expedited manner. I highly recommend him for IT Services.

- 916 Gametruck, California

Taskew is surely my tech guy. He helped setup my personal server in aws, manage and provide maintainance and future enhancement support.

- GT Kay Photography, Maryland

Taskew does outstanding work. He help built and designed my ecommerce website in aws and made it highly available. He is consistently providing me with information to make decisions regarding my cloud infrastructure. Its like having my personal IT department. Definitely recommend.

- JemmyShop, Connecticut
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What AWS can do for you
What are AWS cloud services?
AWS cloud services are a collection of on-demand computing resources and applications that you can access over the internet. AWS stands for Amazon Web Services, which is the world's leading provider of cloud computing.
What are the benefits of using AWS cloud services?
AWS cloud services offer many benefits, such as scalability, reliability, security, cost-effectiveness, and innovation. You can easily scale up or down your computing resources as your needs change, without worrying about hardware or software maintenance. You can also rely on AWS to deliver high availability and performance, as well as protect your data and applications from threats. AWS also helps you save money by charging you only for what you use, and by offering various pricing models and discounts. Furthermore, AWS enables you to access the latest technologies and tools to build and deploy innovative solutions.
How can I get started with AWS cloud services?
To get started with AWS cloud services, you need to create an AWS account and sign in to the AWS Management Console. Then contact us to help design and deploy your project including compute, storage, database, networking, analytics, machine learning, and more. Also AWS provides a Free Tier to try out some of the services for free for a limited time. What are you still waiting for? Contact us now to begin your project.
How can I choose the right AWS cloud services for my needs?
Choosing the right AWS cloud services depends on your goals, requirements, and preferences. Don't hesitate to contact us for a free consultation on designing and operating your cloud solutions today.
How can I monitor and optimize my AWS cloud services?
AWS provides various tools and services to help you monitor and optimize your cloud resources and applications. For example, you can use Amazon CloudWatch to collect and analyze metrics, logs, events, and alarms from your AWS resources. You can also use AWS Trusted Advisor to get recommendations on how to improve your security, performance, cost efficiency, and fault tolerance. Moreover, you can use AWS Cost Explorer and Budgets to track and manage your spending on AWS.